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Brotherwolf Barbers

Meet Paddy, owner of the Brother Wolf Barber shops in Melbourne.

In the past, barber shops were always a social club – a place for gentlemen to get together and discuss ideas, have a drink and get sharpened up all under one roof. For the last 3 years, Brother Wolf barber shop in Prahran, Victoria has set the standard for both traditional and modern barbering – and has recently opened up a brand new store in St Kilda. Brother Wolf offers a unique cohort of barbers internationally recognised for their talent. We spoke to Paddy to get a little more insight into the world of Brother Wolf.
“Brother Wolf started about 3-and-a-half years ago. We started the first store in Greville street, and it got busy, very quickly. After about two years we started our second store in St Kilda.”
“I really liked the city. It had cool bars, cafes and restaurants but it didn’t seem to have a barber culture – not like back home in Ireland, the UK or the States where it was popular for guys to go back to the barber every 1-2 weeks and see their regular barber for a catch-up. So when I arrived here and didn’t see a barber culture, that’s when we started Brother Wolf.”
“When I first arrived in Melbourne, I was living locally. I noticed the huge skate culture; there’s a lot of skate shops around. Most of them stock Dickies – I tried on my first pair, and I just loved them.”
You can check out Brother Wolf here, and watch the video here!
Filmed / edited and photographed by Francis Olalia. You can check out his instagram here.
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