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Barber Jazz

Welcome Jasmine Kathleen A.K.A Barber Jazz.

Welcome Jasmine Kathleen A.K.A Barber Jazz. A local, talented barber who is making waves across the globe.

Did you grow up here on the Gold Coast?

Yeah, I’m born and bred. I’ve lived here 27 years minus one year of living in Melbourne to expand my barbering network.

How did you get into barbering?

My grandmother was a hairdresser, and as a young child, I wanted to be just like her and make people feel the way she did. I watched her make people look and feel a million dollars! I thought she was then, and she still is now the most incredible person in the world.

You’re an ambassador for local brand King Brown Pomade, what does that entail?

Being an ambassador for King Brown has been an absolute blast so far, we basically travel around the world to educate, inspire and spread the word about how the brand started and show people the King Brown products, it’s great!

What sort of opportunities has barbering presented you in your career thus far?

The opportunities barbering has given me are beyond anything I ever imagined. Four years ago, I was given the chance to be a sponsored platform artist and travel the world, sharing my story and passion for barbering. It’s a dream come true, and I’ll forever be grateful for this opportunity and the companies that have supported me along the way. BaByliss Pro and King Brown Pomade and now Dickies ANZ.

What are your plans for the rest of 2019 and beyond?

My plans for the rest of 2019 is to continue travelling, educating and inspiring. I have recently finished a tour throughout the US, and now King Brown and I are currently in the process of planning an educational tour here in Australia. I have a few other gigs in between also.

Where can people catch you for a cut?

I’m currently located on the Gold Coast, cutting out of a barbershop called Lost Boys Barbershop. Lost Boys are located inside Brickworks on Ferry Rd, Southport.

Jazz recommends:

 I’m either in a pair of 874’s or Bib & Brace (Overalls) with a heavyweight plain tee. Can’t go wrong there.

Music: I’m an easy listener, so artists like Jorja Smith, Rimon, Matt Corby, Oscar and the Wolf and Leon Bridges are usually blasting in my ears, I also Love the 70s-80s era!

Food: My absolute favourite meal in the whole world is Ramen. Muso Ramen and Danbo are my two regular spots on the coast.

Places: I’m a beach bum, growing up on the Gold Coast it’s only natural. Fingal headland is one of my favourite places on earth.

Travel:my favourite places I’ve travelled to date are Japan and America. They both have their unique cultures and addictive energy that I crave when I’m not there.

If you’re local, head into Lost Boys Barbershop and give Jazz a shout, or check out her Instagram @jasminekathleenn


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