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Manu Crook$

Meet Manu Crook$, out of Sydney!

Manu Crook$

Up-and-coming Sydney rapper, Manu Crook$, is a key player redefining the antipodean hip hop scene. From his smooth, melodic production with Dopam!ne to his catchy and intriguing lyricism – it’s easy for Manu’s music to grow on you fairly quickly.  

Manu is one of the hardest-working artists we’ve ever come across, and were stoked to team up with him for our #DICKIESPEOPLE campaign. Dickies has been catering for hard-workers since 1922, and have no plans to stop anytime soon. Manu’s busy schedule involves constant touring, rehearsing, studio time and so much more – so he needs to be working in the right gear. 

Check out Manu’s brand new track ‘Buddy Buddy’ here, and follow him on Instagram here!

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