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Meet Harry Hawkins A.K.A Harry Lurks Tattoo. A local, a talent, and a dedicated tattooist whose work is incredibly detailed and nothing but awe-inspiring.

Welcome Harry, so tell us about yourself, how and when did you get into tattooing.


Hey guys!

Ever since discovering skateboarding, drawing and punk music in High School I’ve always been fascinated with tattoo culture. They all seem to go hand in hand. I got my first tattoo at 15 and fell in love with the art of tattooing almost instantly. I would spend most days filling my ‘school books’ with more art than schoolwork. Shortly after high school, I decided that I would take my artwork seriously (against everyone else’s advice) and try to secure a tattoo apprenticeship. It was almost a year of countless ‘no’s’ and ‘not ready yets’ until I finally landed an apprenticeship and I promised myself that I’d do whatever it takes. That was in 2015 and I’ve been tattooing ever since. 

You captured our attention with your unique and incredibly consistent pattern work. Can you tell us more about the style of tattooing you do?

My style of tattooing is anything consisting of sacred geometry, pattern work, dot work and black-work. I’m also working on a new approach to my dot work tattooing which focuses more on big and bold vintage floral motifs and patterns done in various shades of black and grey, which I like to call Folk Floral Pointillism. 

Tell us a bit about your journey as an artist, how it started and the style you developed over time. 

When I started tattooing all I wanted to do was traditional style tattoos, but I found out very early on that my brain just happens to work more mathematically. I started noticing symmetry and repetition playing a larger role in my designs. I then stumbled across the geometric style of tattooing and it just resonated so well with me and I felt this was perfect - exactly what my brain needed haha. Now I spend most days trying not to go cross-eyed tattooing intense dot work geometric patterns!

Can you share with us a few photos of pieces you are particularly proud of?

Who/what inspires you?

I draw so much inspiration from so many things: nature, music, skateboarding, photography. From complex geometric mandalas to bold tribal patterns from all over the world. A few legendary inspirations to me will always be Thomas Hooper, Lewisink and Guy Le Tattooer.

Generally, how long does a sleeve piece take you to complete?

Depending on how large or detailed the design is, the geometric sleeves I have done can take anywhere from 25-40 hours. 

Tell us about your best and worst experience as a tattoo artist?

The best experiences I’ve had as a tattoo artist are travelling around Australia working guest spots and tattoo conventions with friends and meeting such amazing people who can get together and froth over tattooing and creating. Winning a few awards at the Brisbane Tattoo Convention was also rad for me to receive some recognition for the hours put into some of my pieces from other artists I admire in the industry. 


One of my worst experiences as a tattoo artist was actually at my first tattoo convention. When my client said she had eaten but really hadn’t eaten anything before her tattoo appointment and she fainted twice in the chair! Right in front of everyone walking through the convention, then one of my colleagues started running down the aisles shouting out ‘MEDIC!’ It looked terrible and was so embarrassing! but after a few minutes, she came too and was fine to keep going and finish her tattoo.

For those interested in getting a tattoo from you, where can people find you? 


I am currently located at Loco Tattoo on the Gold Coast.

Will you be attending any events in the coming year/next year?


Yes, I just finished a week in Brisbane working at West Side Tattoo. In October I’ll be heading to Sydney for the Rites of Passage tattoo convention, New Plymouth in November for the NZ Tattoo & Arts Festival and then Melbourne in December for the Australian Tattoo Expo. Next year I plan to attend the whole Australian tattoo convention circuit and add some international conventions as well.

Which Dickies pieces are your favourite?

My favourite Dickies pieces would have to be my overalls for work but the 873 pants and a heavyweight tee for everyday chillen’. The hickory stripe Kempton coat is also a vibe!!

Harry Recommends:


If you’re on the Gold Coast and hungry then my top 3 are:


Steak - hit up Moo Moo’s in Broadbeach.

Lamb - definitely Helenika in Nobby’s

Mexican - have to visit Bonita Bonita in Mermaid Beach


And if you’re looking to play the pokies visit the Burleigh Hotel aka the birdcage. Haha.


I also couldn’t recommend enough checking out any tattoo convention in your town or city, always such a rad weekend with amazing people, you won’t be disappointed!!

You can find Harry here: